A Definitive Look at the Pros and Cons of Counter Height Tables

The material used for making rattan furniture is a special type of cane obtained from certain species of palms. This Buzzle article tells you how to mend it after years of wear and tear.

IKEA, a Swedish furniture giant with a whole new range of classic and modern furnishings, is no doubt the most affordable online store. Buzzle gives you a list of furniture stores like IKEA, with classy yet inexpensive options.

If you learn how to build custom furniture for yourself, not only do you save tons of money, but you also give vent to your creative satisfaction. Building your own custom furniture is not as intimidating as it seems. Here are some...

If you are wondering how to find discontinued furniture, the best places are closeouts that are arranged by furniture shops.

A loft, unlike other rooms has some unique structural elements and therefore require furniture that works for such a space. In this article we are going to discuss loft furniture ideas for your home.

A new and eco-friendly material on the block, the water hyacinth furniture is now a big rage among home owners. Not only is it a green material, but it also looks beautiful, is light, and is perfect for the minimalist. Here is a...

Confused between the wide variety of furniture available? Not understanding what to choose and what not to? Go through the following post to find out types of materials used to make furniture and get sorted.

While teak is a low maintenance wood, you should be aware of how to care and maintain your furniture. Read the Buzzle article to see how easy the steps are.

Decoupage furniture to give it a new look and watch how it transforms your home. Find out how, in this article.

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