Essential Guide on How to Prevent and Repair Dry Rot

Using birch veneer is a cost-effective way of having aesthetic and elegant looking furniture. Find out more about this subject in this article.

Removing paint from wooden furniture can be quite a daunting task. Before you get the old paint job off, you cannot proceed to the fresh, new coat of paint. By moving one step at a time, you can carry out this paint stripping job...

Eucalyptus furniture is naturally infestation free and resists decay. However, one still needs to follow some eucalyptus furniture care like cleaning and some annual maintenance to ensure long-lasting furniture.

There are different types of pine wood, with varying features. This article provides information about the basic pine wood types.

The desirable cherry wood characteristics are rich color, natural luster, moderate hardness, silky texture, closed grains and greater pliability. To know these cherry wood properties in detail, read on.

If you want to decoupage on wood, but don t know the technique, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to teach you all about decoupaging on wood.

This article will explain to you what are wood stains, how to choose a stain color, and the steps for applying it...

Mango wood is gaining popularity in the western countries these days. Buzzle discusses what makes this wood so special and how it is used.

Drop-leaf table is a piece of furniture which has attachable pieces of wood, suspended from either sides of the table. This Buzzle article explains you how to build such an adjustable table.

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